Pulley with Smart Becket

UNIQUE MULTI-FUNCTION CAPACITY • stack pulleys for multiple sheaves • utilize direct tie off • piggy back • use as carriage pulleys.  NFPA certified.

The first in our Revolution Pulley series, the FR is our NFPA certified pulley for rescue.

A single, 2in (50mm) diameter sheave fitted with a high efficiency, large radial bearing opens the middle for the Smart Becket.

It's this Smart Becket that gives the Revolution Pulley its unique abilities:

1. Stack pulleys for multiple sheaves

2. Utilize direct tie off

3. Piggy back or

4, Use carriage pulleys

The revolution Pulley is UL tested and certified to NFPA General Use (G) with a MBS of 38kN. Pulley sheave accepts rope diameters 5/16" (8mm) to 1/2" (13mm). Weight: 6.6oz (188g)

User Instructions PDF here

The Smart Becket® of your Revolution Pulley® allows rigging possibilities not available with any other rescue pulley.

Karen Burroughs
Karen Burroughs