Made in the USA

I am sure many of you are familiar with the benefits of buying American made products. Here at Conterra, our entire brand is manufactured within the state of Washington. Obviously, we are passionate about American-made. We love the fact that buying American-made products creates jobs in our communities, reinvests our dollars in our economy, supports humane working environments and stems from more environmentally sustainable practices. That being said, I am not here to tell you why you should buy our American-made products. Instead I would like to share with you the top four reasons why we choose to manufacture our products here in the USA.

We are intimately involved in the manufacturing of our products.

  • We see, feel and test all the materials we use. If there is a problem we can easily address it in person.
  • We want our products to not only last, but also perform as they are intended.

We know the people manufacturing our designs.

  • We are grateful that we can help provide them with jobs and it drives us to be more successful.
  • We know they have a safe working environment.
  • We know they earn a living wage.
  • We can communicate. We can ask questions, they can ask questions. The integrity of the design can always be maintained.

We are committed to investing in our community and our country.

  • We use the highest quality materials available. Such as YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles (both made in USA).
  • As we invest in our community we are able to become involved in our community. Those community members in turn hold us accountable and help us make our products better. That’s what it means to invest; you see a return upon your spending.

We believe that Americans will realize the investment they are making by purchasing American-made products.

There you see, not only is manufacturing American-made products a philosophy near to our hearts, but we also believe it is a smart business decision.  


Conterra Inc
Conterra Inc