Technical Rescue Riggers Guide- Third Edition Clearance


The third edition Technical Rescue Riggers Guide is on clearance. It has been replaced by the Fourth Edition. Purchases of clearance items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

This edition is the 3rd version of original Technical Rescue Riggers Guide by Rick Lipke with technical contributions by Kirk Mauthner - This is the most important reference guide for modern rescue in decades. This pocket reference is absolutely the most comprehensive and complete rope rescue guide available today. It shows extremely safe, modern techniques, in 224 pages, with over 600 clear illustrations and photos, from basic knots and anchors, to highlines, helo rescues, and much more!

The 3rd edition incorporates the DCTTRS (Dual Capability Two Tension Rope System) pioneered by EMBC in Canada. The DCTTRS system is rapidly becoming the standard in progressive rope work.

NOT included in the 3rd edition (only in the 4th ed.): updated illustrations, six new pages of information, such as proper application of skate blocks, use of Clutch devices, remote resets, etc. Completely updated and streamlined Command and Communication section that most closely aligns with EMBC training.

The 3rd edition is printed in full color on high tech storm proof paper and completely cross referenced with handy safety reminders throughout. The Technical Rescue Riggers Guide is small enough and rugged enough to take into the field rescue after rescue.

The first edition sold over 150,000 copies and became the defacto world standard for safe, intelligent rope rescue. The second edition continued the trend. This new Third edition will set the new standard everywhere from Iceland to Taiwan.

This is not an instructional text, but rather a quick pocket reference guide for personnel already trained and familiar with modern rope rescue. However, it can be used as an educational enhancement in classes taught by a competent instructor. A portion of the sale of this guide goes to support volunteer mountain rescue. 

4” x 6”

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