Skills Passport (Riggers Guide Training Companion)


This Passport gives a framework for super efficient station training. The Conterra Skills Passport is a training companion to the Technical Rescue Riggers Guide (4th Ed). It is designed to provide a structured set of manipulative skill stations to be used in conjunction with your normal field training for technical rope rescue. This Passport provides a framework for training, as well as providing consistent skill sets, and an automatic detailed record of completed yearly training. The Passport allows the student to use the Riggers Guide as the “Training standard” while progressing through skill stations. 

The skills check offs are arranged in 12 sets of three skills each, several of which are “local needs" spaces for skills specific to your team that are not covered in the Rigger’s Guide. The skill sets can be easily divided into the number of training sessions that you have. For instance, if you train six times a year, you can assign two pages per session. There are instructions for team members and instructors to increase efficiency and skill retention. There is also a list of 26 “integrated skill sets to track “in field” trainings. When the Passport is completed, most pertinent skills and techniques in the Rigger’s Guide will have been covered.

Technical Rescue Riggers Guide sold separately. For the whole team, don't forget a Caddy!