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There is a "response gap" in technical rescue. Somewhere between a fire/vechicle based response team with traditional gear, and a light lean mountain rescue team equipped with minimal gear, there is a grey area. Sometimes a rescue team will roll onto a scene only to find that the "scene" is another 3/4 of a mile off the road. This will require a change in how the team will carry its gear. The Conterra Sherpa Rescue Platform helps bridge the gap between vehicle based front country technical rescue and specialized mountain rescue. We originally designed this pack to carry our Techsar Rigging/ Rope Module combo pack in situations like this where a rescuer would require a robust suspension system as well as the ability to carry some extra personal items to stay safe farther from the road. We quickly found that the Sherpa could do this and much more.

The pack starts with an expedition quality eight point suspension system and aluminum frame, based on our nearly 30 years designing and building expedition packs used around the world. To this we added a unique "pod bay" that is shaped to drop in a Techsar Rigging/Rope Bag Module combo pack. The combination of catenary bottom and squeeze wings securely hold the Techsar pack system to the pack frame. This pod bay will also fit other bulky items, like a Pelican 1550 case (or similar), our VSB Vacuum Mattress, 600 ft of rope, or even a large water or gas can. There is a large flat pocket at the back of the pod bay to hold flat items like a clipboard or whiteboard. There is a generous bottom pocket (6"x15"x6") that opens via a waterproof #10 coil zipper for carrying personal gear. There is also a fitted top pocket for headlamps, energy bars, ect. There are three strong handles around the parameter to help position and stow the Sherpa pack. The bottom of the pack is armored with super tough Ballistics nylon. There is even an accessible foam frame sheet that can be unfolded and used as a patient pad or bivvy pad in an emergency.

If you find yourself needing to carry heavy/bulky rescue items over long distances, then the Sherpa Rescue Platform is the tool for you! Weight: 5.2 pounds (2.3 kg). Black with red accents. Pelican case and Techsar Rigging Pack sold separately. Water tank and rescue suplies not included.

Dimensions: 30" x 15" x 6"

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