Nest Rope Bag

Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA

With the new Nest Rope Bag, rope management will never be the same. Rope can pulled from either end from a contained, compact bag, or laid open for more freedom. The Nest can open to a diameter of 40 inches, can be separated to allow rope passage, and can be quickly closed by its 2 drawstrings (with cord keepers to keep the drawstring out of the rope’s way). 2 clear, vinyl pockets allow easy labeling of contents. 2 yellow keeper loops ensure you never lose your rope ends. Holds 67 M (200') of 12.7 mm or 100M (300') of 11 mm rope. 

The Nest Rope Bag is designed to work with the Techsar® Rigging Pack. The Nest Rope Bag is designed to directly attach to the Nest Rope Bag via the Techsar® Rigging Pack’s unique rope guard sleeve flaps. Together, the combo pack can be carried like a duffel bag or, using the 2 bandolier straps, be worn as a backpack!

Made in USA, lifetime guarantee. Rope not included.