First Aid "At a Glance" Flowchart

SKU: FA-037

If you have a first aid kit, then you’re going to want one of these inside.  Written by Rick Lipke, this little “at a glance” foldout is packed with information for helping you assess your emergency and make decisions quickly. The flow chart is broken into 8 well organized first aid categories- Critical Body Systems, Wounds and Burns, Muscle Skeletal/ Spine, Anaphylaxis (Allergic Reaction), Medical Emergencies, Toxins, Environmental Emergencies, and Gastro Intestinal/ Genito Urinary. It also includes illustrated steps for splinting, hypothermia wraps, blisters and more.

17 x 11in (≈4 x 6 folded) Printed on Duracoat (waterproof paper). Comes with the Conterra Guide I and Guide II Compete First Aid Kits.