COVID Mask - Temporarily Out of Stock

Made in the USA

Newly designed here at Conterra, this simple, cloth mask will reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. Due to its catenary cut pattern, the mask molds nicely and comfortably to your face. This design feature also prevents the mask from moving around while talking, yawning and going about your day.

Download a free mask pattern, get a DIY kit, OR buy a pre-built mask made right here at Conterra.

Cloth masks like this help reduce the spread of the virus from the mask wearer. Let’s protect each other. It’s our civic duty.

Due to demand and limited material, there will be a delay in shipments. We are working as hard as we can to get them you.

The DIY Kit is limited to 4 per household, and does not include the cloth.

Also, check out our Charitable Mask Program



To get your own professionally designed cloth mask, we are offering 3 ways to get it: 

If you have your own sewing machine and materials, you can build your own cloth mask. Just download the free mask pattern (pdf) and check out our video below.

If you do not have all the materials, or would just like to use the materials that we recommend, buy our DIY kit. This kit gives you a paper copy of our super simple fitted mask pattern, and enough lace, elastic, and nose pieces to make two facemasks. The kit does not include cloth fabric. Just pay shipping ($2.00).

For those of you that do not want to make face masks, Conterra is offering completed masks at just enough to cover our costs.