Hard Case Organizer

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When hard cases are necessary for your medical gear, complete your case with Conterra’s Hard Case Organizer. Fully customizable, secure, and fluid proof.

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Organizing your hard case for medical use is not the same as organizing a camera case. So why use the same padded fabric or foam? Using fluid-proof, sturdy plastics, the Hard Case Organizer is designed for medical use.

The Hard Case Organizer kit comes with enough Pylons and dividers to create up to 12 custom compartments. Instructions are included for assembly- as well as the instructional video below. The Correx® dividers are sufficiently sturdy to keep your equipment in place, yet require minimal space. Without any fabrics, the kit is fluid proof for easy cleanup.

Parts are also sold individually for replacements, supplementation or creating a small organized case.

Details and requirements

Hard case requirements: Interior at least 5¼” high, no longer than 24” in length

Correx® Dividers measure 24 x 4¼ inches. Pylons 5 inches tall.

Recommend cases:

Pelican® 1400, 1450, 1500, 1550, 1600

Nanuk® 905, 915, 920, 925, 930, 940, 945

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