Critical Response Kit

Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA

It is a sad fact in our modern world that bad people harm the innocent. It is also a fact that the victims of mass shootings, terrorist bombings and other violent incidents (both human and natural) predominately die from blood loss. Many times the victims could have been saved in the first few minutes (before medics arrive) by life saving interventions. Unfortunately, most consumer grade “First Aid” kits are woefully inadequate to save lives in situations like this.  Our Critical Response kit has been designed to make life saving interventions possible for the survivors of violent acts, or disasters in the time that it takes for professional help to arrive.

The Critical Response Kit lays open to instantly reveal life saving equipment in clearly labeled spots. Unlike most mass produced consumer first aid kits, the gear inside the CRK is real battle proven professional life saving equipment. The equipment has been carefully chosen to be easy to use by non professional caregivers and professionals alike. For instance, the SWAT tourniquets are intuitive,and can serve multiple purposes. The kit also includes Israeli style battle dressings, Chest seals, CPR mask, gloves, and EMT shears. Another unique item in the CRK, is the HELP signal, an 18” x 36” Safety orange and black banner with the words “ Help, Wounded Here” emblazoned in contrasting letters. When the scene is secured, the banner can be hung from a door or window or tied to an object to direct EMS medics to the wounded’s location, saving even more time in situations such as school shootings. This kit should be in every classroom, mall shop, and public building, in case the unthinkable happens.

Comes with all supplies, security lock tag and an aluminium wall hanger.

We will soon offer an instructional DVD for workers, teachers and employees on the use of the CRK. Please inquire if you are interested.

Dimensions: 10" x 12" x 2.5"