Guide II Complete First Aid Kit

Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA

Conterra is proud to introduce our new line of complete first aid kits. For many years we have been asked to offer kits with supplies already in them. We resisted doing this, mostly because there are plenty of choices out there for filled kits. The requests continued, and even increased, because most consumer type kits out there were not filled with quality items, but rather lots of ”fluff.”

The kits are light, lean, rugged, and have quality contents (not just bandaids) to handle a wide range of emergencies. The kits are the “Guide One” and “Guide Two”.  Both kits are built with the same materials that we use in our EMS and rescue products, including Diamond Ripstop and waterproof zippers. The internal organization is a unique and proprietary modular system. Each module is color coded for the kind of response that you are faced with. The green module is for routine medical issues (cuts blisters etc), and the red module is for major issues (severe bleeding cardiac emergencies etc). The modules themselves are made with heavy recloseable see-through pockets that are completely water tight, so even if your pack takes a dunk, your important medical supplies will stay safe.

The guide two is for multi day, and multi emergencies. It has upgraded professional quality contents, such as hemostatic bandage, and SWAT T™ tourniquet.

Complete list of contents (PDF)

Please Note: In some instances, we may need to substitute models, brands, or sizes that are equal to what is listed here. We're sorry, we are not able to ship this product outside of the United States.

12" x 7" x 4"  weight = 2 lbs.   Made in USA