Trauma Pro™ 2000 Series EMS/ Radio Holster

Lifetime Warranty Made in the USA

This multifunctional EMS Holster is one of our most popular products. The Trauma Pro™ incorporates pockets for basic essentials and a fully adjustable radio pocket that attaches to your side or pack.

Category: Radio Carrier



The Trauma Pro™ was specifically designed for EMS professionals, but its versatility has created a demand for it from law enforcement to the petrochemical industry. It features a unique combination of scuba web, ballistics nylon, and hook and loop to provide you with a strong, workable EMS holster. It attaches securely to belts, loops or pass-through pockets.
A specially designed friction plate behind the glove pouch holds trauma shears without fumbling with snaps or threaded loops. The expanding glove pouch is large enough to hold different combinations of latex gloves, towelettes, etc.
The Trauma Pro™ has a main expandable pocket that adjusts to hold any radio or cell phone (no more radios in your back pocket), and will close flat to your body when a radio is not carried. The radio pocket also has the ability to adjust up and down to accommodate today's smaller radios.
On each side, Trauma Pro™ has small open-top pockets for a mini light, pen or window punch etc. Why clutter up your belt when one holster does it all? Radio and medical supplies not included.
Weight: 5oz