Head Immobilizer by MedTech

Made in the USA

This really unique head immobilizer operates on a very different principle than most others on the market. Instead of trying to weld a patients head to the spine board, this device immobilizes the patients head to their own shoulders, much like orthopedic surgeons do with halo immobilizers after surgery. This is an excellent way to protect the cervical spine in proper anatomical position without the hazards associated with taping a head to a board. In use, our head immobilizer is quite easy; simply slide it under the patients head and shoulders until the top of the patients head is even with the top of the device, attach the replaceable hook/loop straps and pull a vacuum with the same hand pump used for our limb splints (sold separately), but can also be used with motorized suction.

Because it is ergonomically cut, the head immobilizer is comfortable, and allows for great visualization of the patient. The Head Immobilizer can even be applied on the patient before being placed on the spine board, making the application even easier, while increasing patient safety during the move to the board. Once the patient is on the board, immobilize as usual (including taping the head down). An innovative feature of this device is that it can be used on a gurney without a spine board by EMS systems that are moving away from rigid immobilization.

Our Head Immobilizer is durable, machine washable, and made in USA.

These splints are built for us right here in USA by Bo Renberg of Medtech Sweden. Bo is a pioneer of vacuum immobilization technology, and we are proud of our partnership with him.