Extremity Splint Kit by Med Tech

Made in the USA

Based on the success of the VSB, Conterra is proud to offer our Extremity Splint set. Utilizing all the advanced design aspects of the VSB (Polyethylene beads, super strong fabric, patented chamber design, and replaceable valves), Conterra limb splints are absolutely the finest on the market. The kit comes complete with hand pump, case, Long limb splint, medium limb splint, and ankle splint. In addition, the kit comes with a set of accessory straps that allow the long limb splint to be used as a very effective splint for shoulder dislocations.

These splints are built for us right here in USA by Bo Renberg of Medtech Sweden. Bo is a pioneer of vacuum immobilization technology, and we are proud of our partnership with him. Splint color will vary depending on manufacturer. If you are concerned about color, please feel free to contact us.