Triage Belt - Temporarily Out of Stock

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When disaster strikes, use our Triage Belt. This belt started it all!

Our unique belt is designed for use within the S.T.A.R.T. triage system. It utilizes four colors of specially formulated tape to categorize patients (A fifth color, white can be added for decon).

The triage officer simply tears off a piece of colored tape and ties it around the patients arm, which can be seen and understood from many yards away, unlike tags. The officer then tears a small piece of tape the same color and places it in the side pouch of the belt. When done with the primary triage, the officer looks in the pouch and has an instant count of patients and their severity. It’s that simple. The belt pouch can also be used for extra gloves, pens, headlights, etc.

There are even elastic keepers for paint markers when triaging automobiles. Most teams use tape for the primary triage, and then use tags for the secondary triage. This eliminates the confusion that often occurs due to double tagging.

Tape not included. Find tape here

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