Smart Strap Immobilizers


Smart Straps are an efficient answer to spinal immobilization.

Our “smart” D-ring straps are a full 14 feet long each, with washable x-ray lucent hardware that can’t rust or corrode. Our new one piece buckle is simple to thread and requires over 1,000lbs of force to break it! Check out the video below of a live drop test.

So go ahead step on it, or run over it, and it will keep coming back for more. Each strap has an elastic keeper, which keeps the Smart Strap from turning to spaghetti in your rig (no more having to tape your straps into a ball). Because of their length, two straps are usually all that is necessary for most immobilizations.

With a little practice, Smart Strap spinal immobilization can be completed in less than 1 minute! (Really!)

Note: Smart Strap buckles are X- Ray lucent, and have a 1,000 lb breaking strength!

Sold indiviually.