Scarab® Rescue Tool

Made in the USA

The Scarab is descent control at it’s finest. Designed for smooth, precise control for any size load. Incredibly wear resistant, compact, economical. A must-have for the team or individual rescuer.



This device will absolutely change the way you perform rope rescue (see videos linked below). The Scarab® represents five years of research and testing by Rick Lipke and the design team at Conterra. It was born out of the need for a small, simple device that could easily control heavy rescue loads, as well as excel at pick offs, twin rope systems and other general rescue techniques. The Scarab® does all this and more. With two models available, the Scarab® is the perfect choice for both Fire/Rescue and back country rescue environments:

• Incredibly strong
• Does not twist the rope
• Instantly adjustable friction (just wrap a horn)
• Lower 600 lb loads with two fingers
• Super easy lock off
• Easy to use, right or left handed
• Single and double rope capable
• Attach rope without unclipping from anchor

The Scarab® TI Ultra light alpine rescue tool: Machined from solid Titanium plate. Works with 6mm to 11 mm rope. Weight: 185g (6.6 oz)

The Scarab® FR Ultra versatile general rescue tool. Machined from solid 303 stainless plate. Works with 9mm to 13 mm rope. Weight: 385g (13.8 oz) meets NFPA 1983 (22 ED) “G” (general use) for 12.5mm rope -The Scarab® is light and strong.

The Scarab has endured over five years of drop and slow pull testing as well as undergoing extensive heat and wear studies utilizing Conterra’s Capstan Test Bed. -The frame and crossbar’s strength is greater than 40kN. In real world tests with Nylon rescue ropes, the ropes fail at the nose of the Scarab® at about their knotted strength (just like most other descent control devices). When pulling a 12.7mm rescue rope on a tied off Scarab®, the rope breaks at about 27kN, which easily exceeds the 22kN strength rating that NFPA calls out for to rate class “G” for descent control devices. In addition to a battery of slow pull and drop tests, the Scarab® has undergone extensive heat and wear studies. One device was tested by pulling over a mile of dirty rope through it under rescue sized tension, with temperature reading thermocouples being monitored at several locations during pulls. At 2kN of tension, and a lowering speed of 10M per minute, the Scarab® maintained a frame temperature at about 100 degrees C. To our knowledge, the Scarab® is the only descent control device to have been tested to this degree.

Scarab® is a registered trademark of Conterra Inc. All rights reserved. Built by Conterra Precision, our own in house ISO 9001 certified facility. We truly believe the Scarab® will outperform any other rescue descent control device made.

Technical Specs

Scarab FR 

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions (rounded in inches): 5¾ long x 2⅝ wide. ½ thick frame, 1-¼ diameter crossbar

Weight: 385g (13.8 oz)

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 27kN

Rope size compatibility:  9mm to 13 mm

Certifications: NFPA 1983 (22 ED) G (general use) for 12.5mm rope

User Instructions PDF here


Scarab Ti

Material: Titanium

Dimensions (rounded in inches): 5¼ long x 2 wide. ½ thick frame, 1-¼ diameter crossbar

Weight: 185g (6.6 oz)

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 20kN

Rope size compatibility:  6mm to 11 mm

User Instructions PDF here