Delta V Fire Rescue

Made in the USA

The ∆V(Delta Vee) FR is an excellent tool for rappelling and lowering rescue loads. Stemming from the success of the original ∆V, the ∆V FR is adapted for industrial/fire rigging and rescue. 

The ∆V FR works extremely well as part of the Dual Capability Two Tension Rope System (DCTTRS) that is rapidly becoming the standard for Rescue work. The single rope slot is able to smoothly lower individuals and rescue sized loads alike- and passes the super stringent EMBC Competency criteria for rescue loads when configured in the DCTTRS format.

Just like the ∆V, the  ∆V FR can also be used as a rigging plate. Anchor points on the ∆V FR are all rated to a MBS of 40kN, bringing peace of mind and organization to your rigging.

The ∆V FR is proudly machined from solid stainless steel billet stock in our Bellingham, WA ISO 9001 facility. The ∆V FR works with 11 to 12.5mm ropes and weighs in at just 240g (8.5oz). UL tested and dual certified as NFPA 1983 G (general use) for both Descent Control Device and Auxiliary Equipment. User instructions PDF here.



More instructional and demo videos coming soon. For now, enjoy this preview.